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Fyntech Ventures is a financial technology driven venture builder focused on providing cutting edge technology-based solution to financial institutions and Fintechs.

The founding team comes with a deep experience both across markets (Asia, Europe, Middle east and Africa) but also across products (Cards, Consumer finance, capital Markets, trading, Islamic Finance …).


One of our main objectives is to bridge between the developed markets and the emerging economies to make sure that innovation in the financial space benefits and impacts the ones that need it most.



As the leading Islamic commodities exchange, Tawarex is aimed at institutional and corporate players in the Islamic finance industry. Streamlining both transactional and settlement processes to enable instant best execution for all participants while significantly minimising risks.

By using Blockchain technology, Tawarex not only allows the execution of micro transactions in a sharia compliant fashion, but also ensures the traceability of the commodities used in the transactions to ensure further compliance but also monitor the origin of goods and their sustainability principles adherence.

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I-pay provides consumer payment solutions to Banks and Fintechs with an array of services such as Wallets, Cards or PoS Lending. Leveraging decades of experience and strong partnerships, IPAY offers its customers technology-based solutions allowing them to innovate in their markets to gain additional market share and increase profitability while controlling multiple layers of risk.

Among other innovations, I-pay developed (provisional patent) the first truly sharia compliant card with a streamlined tawarruq process allowing instant (Micro) transactions at Point of sale. 



Instabnk is a financial technology company providing banking as a service solution for financial institutions or Fintechs looking to launch digital banking solutions in an efficient and compliant way.

Instabnk allow access to markets across the five continents leveraging on its partnership with top financial institutions globally.

Finally, Instabnk offers seamless integration at all levels of the business providing a fast time to  market for new businesses in an secure and cos efficient manner.